Teleblok power supply units make it possible to create sets of electrical, telecommunications and multimedia sockets inside table and desk tops and within furniture pieces, e.g. the kitchen ones.

Telescopic design makes it possible to slide-in and slide-out sockets, depending on the current needs.

TELEBLOKs make it possible to mount from 2 to 6 K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules. The profile is made of anodized aluminium, which ensures high durability and reliability of operation.

There are available three colour versions of TELEBLOK upper covers: grey graphite with white seal wire, matt chrome with graphite seal wire and whole graphite version.

Rubber seal wire

TELEBLOK cover is fitted with a rubber seal wire, which makes it possible to lead wires out in a closed position, with inserted plugs.

It is also possible to close TELEBLOK with inserted straight plugs.

Automatic TELEBLOK

TELEBLOK in 5-module version is also available with a gas telescopic member. The telescopic member automatically raises TELEBLOK once the cover is pressed.

Offices and conference rooms

Due to using TELEBLOKs connecting office devices is very simple, effective and aesthetic.

A possibility of hiding TELEBLOK with inserted plugs and covering the wiring system inside a top is a great advantage.

TELEBLOK in the kitchen

It is possible to mount TELEBLOK in reversed position, e.g. in kitchen units. Due to this solution it is possible to hide sockets aesthetically and protect them against accidental flooding.