TC cable organizer

TC cable organizer makes it possible to arrange wiring aesthetically through placing the cables inside it.

Comfortable leading cables with plugs to the organizer and its great flexibility are the main advantages of TC organizer.

TC organizer diameter is 25 mm; it is available in 2 m length version with an applicator for wires, and in 20 length version without the applicator. It is also possible to buy the applicator separately.

The organizer is an open protective pipe made of flexible polyethylene, which facilitates leading wires and then arranging a full group.

Order of wiring

TC organizer is mainly designed for arranging wiring systems. Protection of wiring against mechanical damage and constant tangling , e.g. behind a desktop computer, is an additional advantage of using the organizer.

The applicator

The applicator is used for simple placing wires inside the organizer. The cables with plugs are placed in the applicator and then the whole set is pulled through inside the organizer.