Simon Basic Standard
The functionality and classic look are distinctive features of Simon Basic series, which performs well in every area. The colour palette makes it possible to integrate the switches and sockets in a subtle way with any flat, apartment, living room or office design.

Simon Basic Standard Colour schemes

Simon Basic Standard Advantages

  1. Power supply set for a multimedia projector

  2. AV sockets in 45x45 standard adapter

  3. A set of sockets in the adapter for 45x45 standard

  4. A microphone set in the adapter for 45x45 standard


Simon Basic Standard Arrangements

Simon Basic Standard - Functionalities

Available frame colours 4
Available module colours 7
Frames with 1-4 modules +
Frames with 5 modules +
Glass frames -
Metal frames -
Wood frames -
Concrete frames -
Plastic frames +
Metallised plastic frames +
Frames for gypsum board junction boxes -
Corner box -
Surface mount box +
USB Charger +
FM radio receiver -
Bluetooth module -
Clock -
Temperature Controller +
LED luminaries -
KNX control -
Flood sensor -
Gas sensor -
Centralised control of roller shutters -
HDMI socket +
Loudspeaker socket +
Three-button switch +
Antibacterial products -
IP44 data sockets -