Simon Aquarius
Surface-mounted product series, offers IP 54 splash-proof switches and socket outlets. The series is intended for work/utility spaces. Humidity is not a problem for this series, and hence the series products are often used under hard conditions (bathrooms, garages, garden houses etc.), where they perform perfectly.

Simon Aquarius Advantages

  1. Triple socket outlet with earth

  2. IP54 splash-proof series

    Small size: 6 cm wide, 7 cm high.

  3. A possibility to combine equipment

    by means of forming multiple sets in vertical arrangement, with keeping IP 54 ingress protection rating, due to the use of a special gland.

  4. Adjustment holes

    help to keep vertical and horizontal position, eliminating installation imperfection.

  5. The socket cover tilts up to 180° angle

    which eases inserting a plug and limits a possibility of breaking away the cover by too extensive tilt.

  6. Mechanism small size

    leaves more space for wires.

  7. Roller blind control switch

  8. Triple socket outlet


Simon Aquarius Arrangements

Simon Aquarius - Functionalities

Available frame colours 1
Available module colours -
Frames with 1-4 modules -
Frames with 5 modules -
Glass frames -
Metal frames -
Wood frames -
Concrete frames -
Plastic frames +
Metallised plastic frames -
Frames for gypsum board junction boxes -
Corner box -
Surface mount box -
USB Charger -
FM radio receiver -
Bluetooth module -
Clock -
Temperature Controller -
LED luminaries -
KNX control -
Flood sensor -
Gas sensor -
Centralised control of roller shutters -
HDMI socket -
Loudspeaker socket -
Three-button switch -
Antibacterial products -
IP44 data sockets -