Simon 54 Touch

Simon 54 are state-of-the art touch switches.

A smooth glass frame conceals all electronic controllers which replace standard push-buttons of the switch.

The series provides also for possible arrangement of switches in practical multiple sets with traditional electrical fittings such as socket outlet, dimmer, or USB charger.

When designing Simon 54 Touch products we have used glass yet known from the Simon 54 Nature series to maintain the integrity of our decorative frames collection.

Simon 54 Touch Colour schemes

Simon 54 Touch Advantages

  1. Combining traditional electrical fittings with state-of-the art touch switches

  2. New way of switching on

    The modern Simon 54 Touch controllers for switching on and controlling roller blinds replace traditional mechanical solutions with push buttons.

  3. Connection a diagram

    For ease of connection a diagram is shown on the side of each mechanism.

  4. The same glass as in Simon 54 Nature series

    ZasThe use of tempered glass and colours as in the Simon 54 Nature series ensures design consistency of all installed electrical fittings.

  5. Touch panels and traditional electrical fittings

    The Simon 54 Touch offer includes panels for creating multiple sets with modules from the Simon 54 series.

  6. The touch field is illuminated by a blue LED

    The backlight can be turned off.

Simon 54 Touch Arrangements

Simon 54 Touch - Functionalities

Available frame colours 3
Available module colours 3
Frames with 1-3 modules +
Frames with 4-5 modules -
Glass frames +
Metal frames -
Wood frames -
Concrete frames -
Plastic frames -
Metallised plastic frames -
Frames for gypsum board junction boxes -
Corner box -
Surface mount box -
USB Charger +
FM radio receiver +
Bluetooth module +
Clock +
Temperature Controller +
LED luminaries -
KNX control +
Flood sensor +
Centralised control of roller shutters +
HDMI socket +
Loudspeaker socket +
Three-button switch +
Antibacterial products -
IP44 data sockets -