Simon 54 Nature
This is a unique, inspired by nature series of wooden, glass and metal frames, supplemented with frames made of concrete. A non-standard shape and high-quality materials guarantee the perfect combination of exposed equipment elements and interior design.

Simon 54 Nature Colour schemes

Simon 54 Nature Advantages

  1. LED blue illumination

  2. LED luminaries

    Modular LED luminaries can illuminate staircases, corridors, communication lanes. The possibility of mounting in multiple frames is their advantage.

  3. 2x USB charger

    The charger with two USB sockets makes it possible to charge two devices at the same time. It is designed for charging cellphones, smartphones, tablets.

    Charging current for a single device: 5 V; 2.1 A, when two devices are connected, the current is evenly distributed.

  4. Set of sockets

    HDMI, satellite and double power supply

Simon 54 Nature Arrangements

Simon 54 Nature - Functionalities

Available frame colours 21
Available module colours 6
Frames with 1-4 modules +
Frames with 5 modules +
Glass frames +
Metal frames +
Wood frames +
Concrete frames +
Plastic frames -
Metallised plastic frames -
Frames for gypsum board junction boxes -
Corner box -
Surface mount box -
USB Charger +
FM radio receiver +
Bluetooth module +
Clock +
LED luminaries +
KNX control -
Centralised control of roller shutters +
HDMI socket +
Loudspeaker socket +
Three-button switch +
Antibacterial products -
IP44 data sockets +