Simon 10
Simon 10 is a cost-effective modular series for those investments, where various colour schemes are not necessary. Two basic colours: white and cream, as well as the whole range of switches and socket outlets, make it possible to fit-out every flat or office completely. A non-conducting bridge made of high-grade plastic, which ensures durability and flexibility, as well as safety during installation works, is a distinctive element of this series.

Simon 10 Colour schemes

Simon 10 Advantages

  1. There is a possibility to remove the frame without disassembling the cover or the push button

  2. Four-step latches

    on every frame ensure even adhesion of the frames, actually to uneven walls.

    Mounting in terminal boxes on plasterboard walls also does not cause Simon 10 equipment coming off the wall.

  3. LED white illumination

  4. Quintuple frame

  5. Massive and flexible bridge

    of as much as 4 mm thickness, made of high-grade plastic. The bridge closely adheres to a wall, if bended, comes back to an initial shape, protects against accidental electrical shock – does not conduct electricity.

  6. Trendily shaped base elements

    combine the products in order to form multiple sets and prevent them from separating during installation.

  7. Reinforced fastening of electrical cables

    is ensured by a profiled clamp, which presses the wire against the conductor rails.

Simon 10 Arrangements

Simon 10 - Functionalities

Available frame colours 2
Available module colours 2
Frames with 1-4 modules +
Frames with 5 modules +
Glass frames -
Metal frames -
Wood frames -
Concrete frames -
Plastic frames +
Metallised plastic frames -
Frames for gypsum board junction boxes -
Corner box -
Surface mount box +
USB Charger -
FM radio receiver -
Bluetooth module -
Clock -
Temperature Controller -
LED luminaries -
KNX control -
Flood sensor -
Gas sensor -
Centralised control of roller shutters -
HDMI socket -
Loudspeaker socket -
Three-button switch -
Antibacterial products -
IP44 data sockets -