SIMON 500 flush-mounted boxes

SIMON 500 flush-mounted boxes are the range of products that, if applied, make the distribution of electrical, telecommunications and multimedia installations much easier.

Their major advantage is a possibility to create sets of various types of socket outlets at one electrical-logical point.

SIMON 500 flush-mounted boxes are available in 5 sizes, for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 SIMON 500 (100 x 50) modules. Once adapters for K45 modules are installed, there is a possibility to mount from 2 to 12 modules of 45 x 45 mm size.

There are available three colour versions of the enclosures: white, grey graphite and aluminium.

Assembly cover

The flush-mounted terminal box has a cover to protect interior of the enclosure during finishing works.

Comfortable mounting

The flush-mounted terminal box has holes in its corners, which make it possible to use it as a pattern for preparing an appropriate mounting hole in a wall.

Box with a cover

3- and 4-module boxes may be fitted with frames with covers for masking socket outlets. The cover in the closed position makes it possible to lead cables into socket outlets.

The cover may additionally be fitted with a key lock, so there is a possibility to secure socket outlets against unauthorized access.

Deepening element

There is a possibility to deepen the enclosure by additional 25 mm by means of the use of a dedicated deepening element for 3- and 4-module enclosures.

Obtained internal depth of 80 mm is useful for higher category structured cabling installations, AV installations as well as in order to mount additional control automatic units right behind socket outlets.