CABLOPLUS ducts are a perfect solution for room renovation and within the objects, where a possibility of easy installation modernization and expansion is essential.

It is possible to mount K45 modules (45 x 45 mm) directly, without any additional adapters nor tools.

CABLOPLUS ducts are made of PVC or aluminium. There are 4 sizes available for both duct versions:

  • 90 x 55 mm, one-chamber,
  • 130 x 55 mm, two-chamber,
  • 160 x 55 mm, two-chamber,
  • 185 x 55 mm, three-chamber.

Direct installation

K45 standard modules (45 x 45 mm) may be mounted directly within a duct profile, with no use of additional tools.

The installation does not require any additional adapters nor supports, so it is possible to reduce total installation costs.

Optional equipment

Any equipment available for K45 (45 mm x 45 mm) standard can be used in CABLOPLUS ducts, e.g. electrical sockets, data communications plates, multimedia and AV plates, lighting switches and plates for modular equipment.


All indispensable mounting accessories are available for CABLOPLUS duct system:

  • flat connection angles,
  • adjustable internal and external connection angles,
  • duct connectors,
  • end plugs,
  • T-connectors,
  • separation partitions,
  • connection arches for optical fibres.


The application of CABLOPLUS ducts does not limit to the surface mounting systems. Installation ducts may be successfully mounted within furniture, such as reception desks, conference tables or workplace furniture items.