CABLOMAX ducts are used in objects prepared for modernization and expansion of existing installations.

Due to using surface-mounted ducts when renovating rooms, expensive and time-consuming interference with the wall structure may be avoided.

CABLOMAX ducts are fitted with covers made of PVC or aluminium. Both versions are available in 3 sizes:

  • 130x55mm,
  • 170x55mm,
  • 210x55mm.

Direct installation

K45 standard modules (45 x 45 mm) may be mounted directly within a duct profile, with no use of additional tools.

The installation does not require any additional adapters nor supports, so it is possible to reduce total installation costs.

Duct structure

All CABLOMAX duct versions possess a main central chamber for sockets and plates installation, as well as upper and lower chambers for cable leading. Upper and lower chambers have different height depending on the duct version.

Cable leading

Due to appropriate duct design, it is possible to separate electrical and data wiring in a natural way, by placing the installation in two different chambers, spaced by the area for sockets.

Partitions for separating the chambers have holes (every 75 cm) to lead the installation to the sockets.