Ofiblok PLUS

OFIBLOK PLUS power supply units facilitate leading the installation to workplaces. The profile is made of aluminium, which ensures high durability of the complete set.

OFIBLOK PLUS power supply units are available in 5 sizes, from 3 to 8 K45 (45 x 45 mm) standard modules. The units are available in aluminium-graphite version.

Free sets

Due to availability of rich equipment in K45 standard it is possible to create sets of socket outlets for any application, e.g. multimedia kits.

Mounting brackets

Using additional mounting brackets makes it possible to adjust the product to the installation and users' requirements. The following brackets are available: single, double, portable, magnetic and for DIN bus.

Connection covers

An appropriate connection cover should be used in order to lead the installation into OFIBLOK PLUS unit. The covers are available in the version for cable direct leading, through a tube or a gland, to ducts and with quick release connectors or IEC320 socket outlets.