Ofiblok LINE

OFIBLOK LINE power supply units make it possible to create sets of electrical, telecommunications and multimedia sockets inside table and desk tops and within furniture pieces.

The block design facilitates access to necessary modules at a workplace.

OFIBLOK LINE units are available in sizes for 4 and 6 K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules. There is also available version for leading the installation through side covers and glands in the profile bottom in case of thicker tops, when running the installation through side walls is impossible.

OFIBLOK LINE frame is made of brushed chrome-plated steel.

Integration in the top

Due to aesthetic finishing and gentle lines, OFIBLOK LINE may be used in modern office furniture pieces.


In order to complete OFIBLOKA LINE, a proper base for installation of socket outlets and OFIBLOK LINE metal finishing frame should be selected.

Any 4 or 6 pieces of K45 standard equipment, depending on OFIBLOK version, can be mounted in the base profile.

Colour schemes

K45 socket outlets and plates in graphite, white or aluminium colour versions may be used in OFIBLOK LINE. Due to this fact it is possible to choose proper finishing that matches the table colours.

Mounting holder

In order to mount OFIBLOK LINE in a table top,when it is impossible to use screws, e.g. glassy or stone one, KSF7 dedicated holder should be used.

Normally OFIBLOK LINE frame is mounted to a top by means of screws, through the holes in the side edge of the frame.