KT series mini-towers

KT two-sided mini-towers are a perfect solution if there is the necessity for leading the installation to receivers located at the centre of a room.

Due to the use of aluminium and steel construction, as well as small height, the mini-towers can successfully be applied in places, where reliable and aesthetic solutions are needed.

KT mini-towers are available in two-sided version for 4, 8 or 12 K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules. Particular versions have one, two or three levels, where socket outlets are mounted.

Integration with ducts

The mini-towers can be mounted directly to the ground or by means of dedicated DCS bases, being, at the same time, bases for leading the installation through DCS ALU floor ducts.

Comfortable installation

The sides of mini-towers are designed in such a way that the socket outlets installed on each side form a set, which is finally mounted inside the mini-tower. Such a construction also facilitates further maintenance or modifications of the socket outlets inside the mini-tower.

Mini-tower with a shade

There is available a mini-tower for 4 modules with a shade protecting socket outlets and plugs against damage. Such a solution is significant in places, where the socket outlets and plugs are exposed to damage by accidental kicks or treading.