KSE IP66 series floor terminal boxes

KSE series terminal boxes are characterized by higher level of IP 66 ingress protection rating, so they make it possible to mount sockets in wet maintenance floors and in all areas that are exposed to flooding.

KSE terminal boxes are perfect for shopping centres, shops, car showrooms, gas stations and all areas, where the durability and reliability of the floor terminal boxes are significant.

KSE IP66 floor terminal boxes are available in the following versions:

  • empty, for 1 K45 (45 x 45 mm) module
  • with an electrical socket outlet
  • with an electrical socket outlet and RJ45 socket, cat. 5e

Two kinds of the terminal box cover finishing are available: stainless steel and brass.

Access to sockets

KSE floor terminal boxes may be fitted with a manual lock or a hex wrench lock, which performs well in case of public utilities, where access to the sockets shall be for authorized personnel only.

Cover protection

KSE terminal box cover is specially designed for protecting wires that come out from the terminal box, against damage.

Mounting in the screed floor

In order to mount KSE terminal box in a screed floor, the base of the terminal box should be grounded in the screed, taking into account the thickness of the floor finishing (e.g. Gres tiles, parquet). Then the insert with sockets should be placed into the base and screwed in with four screws.

Terminal boxes combining

There is a possibility to combine KSE floor terminal boxes in order to form multiple sets, by means of a dedicated base connection member. The connection member can be used in case of screed floors only.

Mounting in access floors

There is available KSE floor terminal box base version, which makes it possible to install the box in access floors (e.g. joist floors). The base is fitted with an upper flange and mounting claws.

The bases for access floors cannot be combined in sets.

Surface protection

The upper surface of the terminal box made of stainless steel or brass is covered with protective foil for securing the terminal box against transport or installation damage.