KF series floor terminal boxes

KF series floor terminal boxes make it possible to mount K45 standard modules slantwise, so the floor terminal box is very shallow (65 mm). Such a design makes it possible to install all types of plugs and ensures safe bend radius of telecommunications cables.

KF series floor terminal boxes are available in versions for 4, 6 or 8 K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules. Additionally each of the versions has plugged fields for 2, 3 or 4 K45 half-modules (22.5 x 45 mm) respectively.

SF terminal boxes are available in grey colour.

Access floors

KF terminal boxes are fitted with holders for positioning and fixing the terminal box in raised (access) floors.

In order to mount in access floors, dedicated plastic insert for screed floor should be used.

Plastic insert for screed floor

The plastic insert makes it possible to mount KF floor terminal boxes in screed floors. It has bolts to adjust the height in order to level the insert towards the screed and thin areas in side walls to lead the installation through tubes or underfloor ducts.

Round terminal box

KF floor terminal box for 6 K45 modules (+3 22.5 x 45 mm modules) is round-shaped. Such a solution makes it possible to rotate the terminal box freely, depending on the accessibility requirements for appropriate socket outlets.

Module rear screen

K45 socket outlets and modules are covered from behind with a screen that ensures protection of the installation against contamination and accidental electrical shock.

Thin areas of the screen surface make it possible to lead in wires with terminated plugs and modules also, e.g. multimedia or telecommunications cables.

Rubber glands

The glands in KF floor terminal box covers are placed on both sides of the cover, and due to this fact it is possible to easily lead the wiring to two workplaces.

The glands are made of rubber, which guarantees the flexibility and protection of the terminal box interior against contamination.

Finishing covering plate

A cover of KF series floor terminal box may be trimmed with 5.5 mm thick floor material (e.g. fitted carpet).

In case of thicker finishing material it is possible to use a finishing covering plate, mounted on the cover.