FB series floor terminal boxes

FB terminal boxes are mainly dedicated for large office objects with “open space” type rooms, where raised (access) floors occur. Their design and functional solutions are specially prepared for this kind of installations.

FB series terminal boxes are available in versions for 8 or 12 K45 modules. The terminal boxes can optionally be fitted with 2 and 3 additional 22.5 x 45 mm modules respectively. It is also possible to mount SIMON 500 standard socket outlets in FM terminal boxes, once dedicated fixture frames for this standard are used.

SF terminal boxes are available in grey colour.

Access floors

FB series terminal boxes are designed for mounting in access floors. Four metal mounting holders (claws) ensure reliable installation in a floor.

Guide rails for the mounting holders guarantee placing them in a proper position during mounting.

Depth adjustment

The system of mounting fixture frames in holes makes it possible to place socket outlets on a proper level, depending on the height of the access floor and the installation requirements, e.g. when telecommunications sockets of higher category are used.

5 or 12 mm floor finishing

All terminal box versions are fitted with a cover, which makes it possible to trim the terminal box with 5 mm (e.g. fitted carpet) or 12 mm (e.g. floor tile, parquet floor, stone) thick floor material.

Additional 22.5 x 45 mm module

K45 version fixture frames have initially plugged place for additional K45/2 (22.5 x 45 mm) module. Such a solution makes it possible to add an additional 22.5 x 45 mm plate, e.g. with RJ45 socket.

In case of 12-module terminal boxes, it is possible to mount up to 3 22.5 x 45 mm modules.

Terminal box cover

FB floor terminal boxes are available in optional version with a cover with a triangular key (6.5 mm) to protect the sockets inside the terminal box against unauthorized access.

Installation connecting

The fixture frames have holes that make it possible to fix wires with cable ties in order to protect them against accidental detachment.

Thin wall areas in a fixture frame and in a lower screen make it possible to lead wires to sockets aesthetically.

Cable glands

Rubber cable glands placed on both sides of FB floor terminal box are designed for leading wires out of its interior to two opposite sides.

The glands protect the terminal box interior against contamination.

Quick release connectors

The fixture frames have thin wall areas for making holes to place quick release connectors. This type of connection makes it possible to mount sets of sockets fast in a floor terminal box, and to modify existing installation in a comfortable way.

Lower frame screen

The screen of the fixture frame protects sockets against contamination coming from the area under the floor surface, as well as against accidental electrical shock during mounting or modifying the installation.