DCS ALU floor ducts

DCS floor system ducts are designed for places, where there is no possibility of leading the installation under the floor.

DCS system can be also used in temporary installations, which significantly reduces costs of additional interference with the floor space.

DCS ALU floor ducts are available in 85 x 18 mm, 130 x 18 mm and 240 x 34 mm dimensions. The single duct length is equal to 2 m.

DCS ducts are made of aluminium, which guarantees high durability and much better protection of installation than in case of floor ducts made of plastic.

DCS bases

DCS floor ducts can be fitted with dedicated bases for mounting ALK mini-columns or KT mini-towers.

Reduction connection angles

Additional reduction connection angles make it possible to transfer the installation from a wall surface to the floor, inside DCS ducts.

Ducts combining

DCS bases may also be used as connectors for DCS floor ducts. Various versions are available depending on the diameter of used ducts.