Dear Customers,

I am going to start rather perversely – if you have already entered our site and have clicked “Company mission” tab, then it means the success of our communication policy, since in the great ocean of Internet we have been able to interest you in our Company!

It is not an accident that Kontakt-Simon has been one of the quickest developing companies of the electrotechnical branch for many years. First and foremost, we learned to listen to you and to respond to your needs. Our communication platforms, beginning from the Customer Service Centre, through our Representatives, to Facebook and mobile applications, are constantly at your service. We respond to your needs, not only having over 90 years of experience on Polish market, but also taking advantages from our membership in an international group.

Wide look and open mind enable us to create end-to-end solutions, comprehensively responding to the needs of our individual customers, developers, companies managing office buildings and hotels, instead of some separated products.

I invite you to take a look at “Get to know our solutions” tab, view references and adjust products by means of our Configurator. This website is created for you, to provide your comfort and convenience, because satisfaction of our Customers is the most important value for us, which always guides us in our business activity.

Wojciech Steinert
Kontakt-Simon S.A. Managing Director