Our History

Kontakt-Simon SA was founded at the beginning of the last century. 12 July 1921 representatives of Polish industry together with the Industrial Bank and Silesian Industrial Bank founded Spolka Akcyjna Przemysłu Elektrycznego (Electrical Industry Joint Stock Company) in Czechowice. Initially the factory was manufacturing resistors and regulators, wiring devices, lighting and signalling equipment, as well as electrical measuring instruments. Soon also insulation holders, fuse bases, knob switches and – very popular at that time – socket outlets in porcelain enclosures were added to the product portfolio.

In 1933 one of the most up-to-date plant lab was established in Czechowice, and got permission to carry out approval processes and tests. Before the World War II, in 1934, the production of power counters began.

In practice, from the very beginning of its activity, the Company had excellent marketing organisation. First product catalogue, presenting all articles with illustrations, description and available colours, was issued in 1935.

Over the years the Company was widening the range of product assortment. In 1952 first multi-pin connectors were manufactured in the plant, and then new types of switches and hermetic switches. In 1955 the Company offer was including over 400 items.

In 1974 manufacturing threaded holder fuses began, and 1978 our Company, as the first one, started producing infrared light switches, thus becoming a precursor of electronics implementation in electrical installation equipment.

In 1988 the production of extension cords and terminals was started. These products, for a long time, were having a high export share. In the 1980s, distinctive light fittings made of brass, wood and glass, as well as dimmers for the ceiling lights control, became the symbol of the Company.

The 1990s were a time of the greatest changes. On 1 July 1994 the Company was transformed into a joint stock company wholly owned by the State Treasury, called Fabryka Sprzetu Elektrotechnicznego “KONTAKT SA” (Electrotechnical Equipment Factory “KONTAKT PLC”). A year later, the shares of FSE Kontakt were brought into the National Investment Fund. In 2003 NFI Magna Polonia sold the shares to Italian company called Urmet Domus International S.A. Currently Urmet and Spanish group Simon Holding S.L. are equal shareholders, holding 50% of the Company shares each. From 2005 the Company has been acting under KONTAKT-SIMON SA name.

We mainly produce electrical installation equipment: socket outlets, switches, floor terminal boxes and practical electronic devices. They combine functionality with high aesthetics, and are used in houses, offices, industrial objects and public buildings. Our offer also includes remote control switches, LED light modules as well as recently widened assortment of LED indoor lights.

The long term presence in the market, as well as engagement of qualified personnel, guarantee the high quality of offered equipment. Wide range of products, modern technology and proven raw materials won recognition on the home market and abroad, which is confirmed by numerous national and foreign certificates. We enjoy customers' confidence in most of the EU countries.

We are sure of our market position and we are boldly looking forward. At the same time we persevere in improving the production processes and management methods, and, above all, in widening our offer with innovative solutions, being developed due to investments in R&D