CIMA PRO flush-mounted enclosures

CIMA PRO flush-mounted enclosures are designed for modern office spaces.

A possibility of mounting any equipment in the enclosures makes it possible to create advanced installations adjusted to the most demanding users' requirements.

CIMA PRO flush-mounted enclosures are available in 3 sizes, for 2, 3 and 4 CIMA PRO (108 x 52) modules. Once adapters for K45 modules are installed, there is a possibility to mount from 4 to 8 modules of 45 x 45 mm size.

There are available three colour versions of the enclosures: white, grey graphite and aluminium.

Enclosure with a cover

The enclosures may be fitted with frames with covers for masking socket outlets. The cover in the closed position makes it possible to lead cables into socket outlets.

The enclosures are fitted with mounting catches for installations in plasterboards.

The frame of CIMA PRO flush-mounted enclosure is screwed to a flush-mounted terminal box with dedicated screws.

Thin areas in the flush-mounted enclosure terminal box make it possible to lead the installation inside from any side.

Adapter for K45 modules

In order to mount K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules in enclosures, proper CIMA adapters should be applied.