ALK series mini-columns

ALK mini-columns make it possible to mount K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules directly and fast, without any tools and adapters.

Due to their small dimensions and robust aluminium construction they meet requirements of modern office spaces.

ALK series mini-columns are available as one-sided, two-sided, oval two-sided or four-sided versions. Depending on the version, direct installation of 5 to 24 K45 standard (45 x 45 mm) modules is possible.

The mini-columns are available in aluminium colour.

Module installation

K45 standard (45 x 45 mm) socket outlets and plates are directly mounted to the mini-column profile.

In order to mount the smaller number of modules than foreseen for the given mini-column, the aluminium cover should by cut according to the required length.

All elements are part of supply

The mini-columns are supplied with all elements necessary for installation, as well as with covers, which should be shortened to the proper length in case of K45 modules mounting.

Integration with ducts

ALK mini-columns can be mounted directly to the ground or by means of dedicated DCS bases, being, at the same time, bases for leading the installation through DCS ALU floor ducts.