ALK series columns

ALK 3 meter columns enable the installer to direct the installation from suspended ceilings directly to workplaces located in open space office areas.

Using columns substantially speeds up the installation process and limits possible costs of modernization in case of changes in rooms arrangement.

ALK series 3 meter columns are available as one-sided, two-sided, oval two-sided or four-sided versions. The column design makes it possible to mount K45 modules (45 x 45 mm) directly inside the column profile.

Module installation

K45 standard (45 x 45 mm) socket outlets and plates are directly mounted to the column profile.

In order to install the modules it is necessary to cut the column covers in accordance with required length to create the space for mounting socket outlets and plates.

Extension members

There is a possibility of extending ALK columns by 0.5 m, 1 m and 1.5 m by means of extension members.

The extension members are not available for ALK column one-sided version.


ALK columns are fitted with 0.5 meter spacers for spacing the column onto a structural ceiling, above a suspended ceiling.