ALC series mini-columns

ALC mini-columns are a practical solution for the power supply issues at a workplace. Due to their dimensions and functionality they assure simple and reliable operation by users.

Mini-columns are an alternative for underfloor solutions at objects, where the installation is being made after flooring, or when any interference with the basis structure is impossible.

ALC mini-columns are available in one-sided and two-sided versions. For one-sided version there is a possibility of mounting from 2 to 5 SIMON 500 (100 x 50 mm) or CIMA (108 x 52 mm) modules. For two-sided version there may be from 4 to 10 SIMON 500 or CIMA modules.

Once dedicated adapters for K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules are installed, there is a possibility to mount from 4 to 10 K45 modules for one-sided version, and from 8 to 20 K45 modules for two-sided version.

Colour schemes

ALC mini-columns are available in aluminium version with graphite finishing or in white version.

The white version is only available on demand.


The mini-columns are supplied with upper covers, bases, base masking frames and with mounting screws and dowels.

Supports with masking frames for SIMON 500 or CIMA modules, and additional adapters in case of mounting K45 modules, should additionally be purchased.