ALC series columns

ALC 3 meter columns are designed for modern open space office facilities, where an installation is led inside suspended ceilings.

Due to using the columns, there is a possibility of simple reorganization of work places, without additional costs of the modernization of installation.

ALC series 3 meter columns are available in one-sided and two-sided versions. The design enables the installer to mount SIMON 500 (100 x 50 mm) or CIMA (108 x 52 mm) standard socket outlets, as well as K45 (45 x 45 mm) modules, once dedicated adapters are used.

The columns are available in an aluminium version with graphite finishing or in a white version. The white version is only available on demand.


ALC columns are fitted with 1.5 meter spacers for spacing the column onto a structural ceiling, above a suspended ceiling. The spacer protrusion adjustment is possible inside the column.

Flush-mounted equipment mounting

Optionally available equipment junction box makes it possible to mount standard flush-mounted socket outlets and switches inside the column profile.

Extension members

There is a possibility of extending ALC columns by 0.5 m, 1 m and 1.5 m by means of extension members.

The extension members are available in one-sided and two-sided versions.